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HRConnect is your Partner within 3 key areas of HR

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HR Business Partnering
HR Business Partnering
Outplacement Services



We specialize in targeted recruitment and headhunting, sourcing top candidates for roles within

  • Management / Leadership

  • HR

  • Sales

  • Finance

  • Engineering & Quality

  • Project Management

Our recruitment process is tailored to your organization and the position at hand, ensuring a seamless fit and high-quality candidates. With our structured and thorough recruitment process, supplemented by our strong network in the candidate market, we ensure a well-balanced and diverse candidate field for your most important positions.


Contact us today to learn more about how we can support finding your next key employee!


As your dedicated HR Business partner, we take a hard look at your company and the main business challenges you have. With that focus, we develop and implement effective HR initiatives acting as leverage to address your business challenges.


When utilized correctly, HR can be a strategic lever and by including us as your HR Business Partner, we will do our outmost to help develop your company in the best possible way.

Contact us today for an informal talk about the possibilities for collaboration.


Most companies will face a situation where they have to say goodbye to employees for one reason or another. The most important thing in this process is that the employee is treated with respect and perceives the exit to be professional and smooth - both for the employee's own sake, but also for the sake of the company. In this situation, we can help your company handle a professional exit from the company.

We understand the challenges that employees face when navigating career changes. For that reason we offer comprehensive outplacement services to support individuals in their journey towards new employment opportunities.

Our outplacement program is designed to provide personalized assistance, empowering individuals with the resources, guidance, and emotional support they need to successfully transition to their next career chapter.

What's in it for you and your company? Supporting your employees not only when they are in your company, but also when they are leaving your company, will help your Employer Branding and keep your company attractive to candidates in the future. With that in mind, investing in an Outplacement process for your employees leaving your company, is one of the best investments you will ever make.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your company within Recruitment, HR Business Partnering and Outplacement.

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