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What others say

"I have been very impressed with the collaboration with Torben!

I have used his professionalism and skills for job ads, candidate screening, profile test expert, job interviews and with sparring on onboarding processes.


At a time when project managers have been in high demand, and few qualified ones have become unemployed, Torben helped me with authentic job postings that attracted a strong pool of candidates from far and wide.


Torben has a fundamental set of values ​​that match mine and VELUX's, which we were able to use during the job interviews to create an atmosphere that exuded a good workplace, which in a specific situation was the deciding factor for employment.


Through 2022, we have closed 100% of the positions I have had, even with my first priorities in all cases. Sincere thanks for the cooperation!"

Jacob Muff, Head of Project Managers, A/S Østbirk Bygningsindustri, VELUX

"Torben is trustworthy and performs the recruitment process with flying colours"

Candidate (anonymous survey)

"Here at VELUX Torben has been functioning as a Senior Recruitment Partner and I can highly recommend him for this job as he has been doing an excellent job.

Looking at how Torben excels in sparring with leaders I would not hesitate considering him for other areas as well that involves sparring with leaders. Torben has been a great sparring partner on Talent Acquisition matters for me and for the team.

Overall Torben is a great external consultant!"

Jonas Uhd Sørensen, Director, Global Talent Acquisition, Velux

"Torben did an outstanding and professional job - nothing further to add - simply excellent!"

Candidate (anonymous survey)

"In my capacity as Senior Director at VELUX, I have had the pleasure of working with Torben in connection with various recruitment tasks.


Torben always appears super professional and his approach is imbued with integrity and orderliness. For me, Torben has not only been a practical support, but to a large extent, with his direct style and "to the point" manner, has also functioned as a highly qualified sparring partner. In my view, Torben has a fine balance between the theoretical and practical approach and always manages to strike the right mix between the more process-oriented and the pragmatic.


With Torben as a recruitment partner, you not only get a step-by-step process from A to B, but an equal "partner" who gives his honest opinion in a proper and respectful way and manages to "tailor" the individual process so that it is adapted to the given situation.

The best recommendations from here."

Morten Jensen, Senior Director, Supply Engineering & Product Introduction, Velux

”Thank you for an excellent process!”

Director, Velux

"Thank you for good cooperation, from someone who has sat on both sides of the table - as applicant and hiring manager. 

You have been professional in your progress, at the same time with good social cooperation."

Manager, Velux

"My dialogue with Torben was excellent, and all the way through Torben was transparant and honest."

Candidate (anonymous survey)

"All in all, it was a very good experience - from the very first call to the day I was offered the job!"

Candidate (anonymous survey)

"Use Torben if you want a challenging and proactive recruitment consultant, who also has the right and balanced twinkle in his eye, both for the person hiring and for the applicant.


Torben has supported me in several recruitment processes, and he is persistent from the first contact to the clarification of the job advertisement, to initial screening, tests, interviews, follow-up, recruitment, and rejection".

Niels Jørn Jørgensen, Senior Manager, Logistics, Velux

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