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Torben Østergaard, owner and consultant


My name is Torben Oestergaard, and I own and operate HRConnect.


Privately, I am father to my daughter, husband to my wife, brother to my brother,
son to my parents, and friend to my friends.


Professionally, I am motivated about making a difference for people and businesses!


I bring more than 12 years of experience within strategic, tactical and operational HR with the main focus on Recruitment / Talent Acquisition and HR Development. During my career, I have worked and lived 4 years in Germany (Hamburg), and I have extensive work experience across Europe and Asia.


Having worked as regular employee, team lead, department head as well as project manager, I bring vast experience into my line of work.

I now utilize my experience and mindset to help business owners and leaders drive growth!


My two values in life are Openness and Honesty - and I continuously bring these into my daily work.


I do my best to live by those every day, and also expect people close to me to live by them.

When bringing these values into my professional life, it means that I share my opinions and observations in an open and honest way. I see that this helps to build trust and stronger collaboration, which is the foundation to a great relationship with my clients.


Thereby, my values help me to drive change in people and organizations - by simply being open and honest!


After 10+ years working in HR in large international companies, I founded HRConnect in 2020.

I did so with a desire to help small and medium-sized companies drive their business to the next level - by addressing their business challenges with tailored HR initiatives.

I am on a mission to deliver excellent HR initiatives to my clients, thereby contributing to their growth and profitability. I seek to have few but close clients, as I wish to understand the business before tailoring and executing HR initiatives to answer their challenges.

My vision is to become the preferred HR partner for Denmark based small and medium sized companies -

not only because of WHAT I deliver, but also because of HOW I deliver!

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